Region unlock for Lexicon RT-10


I have just purchased a Lexicon RT-10 display unit, marvelous player at a great price!

Before buying it, I checked the manual and you are supposed to be able to change the region at your will. I tried the procedure but did not work.

I called Lexicon but they say it is illegal for them to make region conversions (?) then suggested to contact my local distributor in Mexico City. I did, and they say they don't have the know-how to do it, since all units come "factory setup" from the US (?). I went back to Lexicon's email technical support in the US, but so far they have not replied.

Soooo, I am stuck with my American Region 1 player and wishing to make it Region free, or at least Region 1-4, since I have so many Region 4 discs.

There are a few unlock wizards on the web, but so far, none has a key to the Lexicon player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mexico City.
Try contacting Bas at JVB Digital in Michigan USA. They do region-free conversions and would know how to sort you out. You might have to send it to him though.
I don't remember the site but there is a web page that list the formula for almost all DVD players to re-set the region tag.

I think I found it here on Audiogon, but it will take some serious searching of archives.