Region Free DVD Players.

Are any of you using region free,code free DVD players.If so
what brand and model are you using,and what are your impressions?
OPPO 971H is a good cheap DVD player with nice picture and Region Free.

Also, I think You can still find Ellite DV-59AVI moded for Region Free on Internet for more $$.
The "region-free" players advertised on various websites are a scam. There is a huge selection of players on the market that will play any disc in NTSC or PAL, from any region, right out of the box without requiring hardware hacks or purchase from a grey marketer.

I've owned multi-region-capable NTSC/PAL players ranging from an off-the-shelf Philips DVD727 for $69 to higher-end players from Arcam, and several things in-between.

What capabilities are you looking for, and how much are you willing to spend?
I bought a Malata 520 (it was their top model) on the net for $240. The local video store, "Scarcrow", which has a huge foreign movie selection (and was called the world's best video store by Bernardo Bertolucci) recommends this brand and rents them out as well. I've been perfectly happy with it, but then I'm not really asking much from a DVD player....
Help me out, does the Sony 999es play pal? I have a pal DVD from Goldfrapp I am hoping to play sometime soon. Will it output to a hi Def TV?
Whatever you get make sure it has a PAL to NTSC converter or vice-versa depending on where you live or it is pretty much useless. And I don't mean one that will play PAL or NTSC. Most will play either but not many will convert from one to the other.
The Sim Audio DVD players use a region free transport (Not advertised in the site though) for those who want a quality DVD player.
philips dvp642 - $60.00 at circuit city. great player.
I don't know about the Sony. Try it and see. But just because it will play doesn't mean your TV will show it.
Sony players sold in the US are hardwired for NTSC Region 1 only.
I bought a Cambridge Audio, model Azur-540D. It has played all the dvds I have used. USA NTSC and PAL(all regions) that I have bought from Europe, Australia & Japan.
My Samsung HD841 Universal player is Region Free.

I wholeheartedly recommend this machine to anyone, especially audiophiles, looking for a Region Free player. It is a good looking, well built, flexible component that will play WHATEVER CD, MP3, SACD, DVD-V, or DVD-A disc you put it in. I paid $99 for mine at BestBuy. My wife and daughter use it for their Chinese DVDs, and comment on how much better the picture and sound are than our last player.

As a bonus, check the threads to see how $400 of mods allowed it to go step for step with an $11K Linn Unidisk. This is an absolute no brainer of a DVD player.
Thanks a lot! I would hate to kill my Modwright or DLP.

What thread? Can you give me a lead? I couldn't find it. I was searching HD841 and HD 841.
Trelja, does the Samsung do PAL>NTSC conversion? And does it have an internal scaler?
I just purchased an inexpensive Toshiba player from a store in IL. Last night we played some PAL DVD's on an NTSC TV and the picture looked decent. The disc loading mechanism looks cheap but the player was cheap ($70).

The Samsung player will play NTSC/PAL discs but does not have a converter. It will play NTSC on NTSC TVs or PAL on PAL TVs. It is also important to note that most projectors and plasma TVs will work with PAL or NTSC.