region 1 or pal, better picture?

My dvd player will play any region dvd. I know the specs for region 1 and pal are quite different. I have 1080 display and the player will upscale to 1080. Does anyone know which plays better quality picture overall? Some hard to find region 1 dvds are quite expensive and cheaper to order from UK in pal format. Any advice is appreciated.
PAL is a completely different TV system!
Japan (SECAM) has a third completely different system.
The are totally incompatible and MUST have a special converter to be able to play a movie in that system in the USA on a regular NTSC TV (USA format)
Seriously, read up on the different systems in the Wikipedia before throwing money away on a disc you cannot possibley play without spending thousands of dollars!!! on some equipment to view it.
(I remember of VHS type machines that converted PAL/NTSC but that was years ago...
I would like to correct Elizabeth about the different systems for TV. She stated that Japan uses SECAM, not true. Japan has the NTSC system just like the USA and Canada. Sorry Elizabeth. I really like your comments on Audigon, but in this case, you're wrong.
Elizabeth, as I mentioned, my dvd player will play pal discs. I guess the real question is, will I lose picture quality when using the pal dvds. I have one pal and it does not look very good. I suspect its not the best disc so I wanted some opinion on how they compare overall.
I have a couple of pal dvds and the pictures are pretty clear as compared to some of the NTSC ones I have. I'm sure that picture quality will vary between variuos dvds.
Whoops! Glad you caught that.
I am always wanting to know!!
Ahh Soundlock? does that mean Japanese non-regional discs will play here in the USA?
(What about the 50hz 60hz...)

Many DVD players will play both PAL and NTSC discs but the issue is whether your TV will accept the PAL signal. You need to have what's called a 'multi-system' TV.
it depends on the quality of the film to tape to dlt transfer. in theory, PAL is superior(more lines of resolution) practice its a title by title, region by region, fiasco. the brand of the dvd company(for indy stuff) is the most important thing to follow...their reputation. even the majors do not always use the same source material.....sounds like audio, huh
PAL has more lines of resolution,NTSC is faster frame rate.PAL discs definitely look better.