Regen by Uptone Audio

I can't believe that thus far here on Audiogon there is very little discussion on the Uptone Audio "Regen".

I received mine last week after about a month and half on back order.

Quite frankly, its quite an impressive little unit.
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Just got mine yesterday. This device really works. In my system the reach out and touch the artist illusion is really enhanced and I thought it was as good as it could be. I also halve an Audioquest jitterbug coming
The Regen has been talked up on lots of the other forums. I have yet to hear a negative reaction and my bias was thast it probably wouldn't do anything. I was wrong
Arh, When I first read about it on Computer Audio, I figured it was designed to help desk top computer audio.

But, the tweaker that I am, I had to try it.

The Regen is sensitive to a upgraded power supply. Instead of using the standard power supply that came with it, I'm using the new iFi power supply which adds another layer of depth.

I also have on order a very beefy power supply with R core transformers, however, it will come from China someday.

I encourage others who are using usb connections to their Dacs to try this little Gem.
It is just hard to get excited about another gadget of the month that will be surpassed in another few months as digital technology progresses. It is like pharmaceutical commercials on TV. If you have to ask your doctor to give you more drugs then he is not really your doctor, he is your dealer. It is all about profits.

But back to audiophilia, just let Moore's law run its course here and buy the next great DAC and replace it in another year or so.
Ozzy and Alan,

I'm experiencing a bit of digital glare on my PC audio-based playback. Will the REGEN help with this?

Gary, Not sure if its a "cure all" but it did provide substantial improvement for me.