regarging components that have a 20a AC IEC

I just bought a pair of monoblock amps that are fitted with 20 amp IEC's. I can't stand stock power cords so will need to replace these ASAP. I have some very high-end DIY power cords that will do very nicely but they have the 15Amp Oyaide 046 plugs. A pair of the 20Amp Oyaide 246 will set me back about $250 and I'd really prefer to not spend the extra bucks. Any thoughts on pulling out the 20Amp IEC's and installing regular 15Amp IEC's? Thanks.
Assuming these are nice mono amps, the idea of alterning them out of thriftiness in altering power cords seems crazy to me. You would not be able to sell these amps as being unaltered from manufacturer, and you'd take a big hit on them.

And just how would a cheaper 15A IEC guarantee that it would not alter the amps' performance in a bad way? So, with that potential reduction in sound quality you would be chasing to catch up again... Not a good plan, imo.

This is a perfect time for a PC shootout between several contenders! You have a sea change with the amp anyway; push the experiment further with a 20A cord-O-rama comparison! :)

Or, get a 15A/20A adapter for your power cords.

But what you REALLY need to do is use your stock 20A cords with some badass mongo power supply/filter device costing about $3K. That will fix everything. ;) Tee hee hee
Just get a 15a to. 20 amp adaptor as they can be had from Pangea and others. I have used them for the same situation with wonderful results.
IMO, You are better off changing the female end of the cord. The 20 amp IEC chassis jack is a far better connector than the 15 amp.
The amps are on their way. I'll check the plugs when they arrive and act according to the advice received here. I hope the male plugs are 15a. I'm not up for installing a 20a line. Thanks everyone!