regardless of price - are these top notch amps ?

Hi everyone
I'm looking for an amp to drive my dynaudio audience 62 (which i'll maybe upgrade to von schweikert VR4jr).
I've read some rave reviews about:
Portal Panache
Odyssey Stratus (reg. and dual mono)
Mccormack DNA-225

Are these really great amps or "just" when calculating
$ per Watt ?
I'm looking for a great balanced musical beast here

I have been using the 4jr's for several months and have an Oddyssey Stratos with the Extreme Upgrade.I have also owned an older ODL Stratos.When carefully matched to the right gear these amps can be darned good.The bass is quite powerful,maybe a little larger than life.The top end is extended and at times a bit bright.With speakers,CD and/or cables that are tight and lean down low and a little soft/rolled off on top results can be quite good.I've heard the MCcormack and I believe that it is a better amp,but at twice the price.I'm not sure the Stratos and 4jr are a great match,but then again with cardas cables and ...


the odyssy is a really good amp. the speaker change should be to a more balanced floorstader like castle, b&w, kef, etc. the vr is a bit clinical
The Odyssey Stratos amps are excellent sounding amps comparing with amps that cost 2 to 3 times the price. They are just on the warm side of neutral and are not bright at all. Anyone who is complaining about brightness has other issues, most likely the room. Are these really great amps? Of course they are. They are a Symphonic Line amp from Germany, only sold in the USA for a much lower price.