Regardless of how much you've spent...

do you like or love this hobby? in one form or another, I've been reading about audio for almost 17 years without a break. I have 17 years of continuous thoughts running around in my brain. When I go to bed, I dream about it, I click on all the webzines every day(even on my Sony PSP)and before I go to bed.
What say you?
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If there's something I want, say, speakers or a cdp, then I'll have brain-lock until I satisfy the want. But I don't want, much. Not like I used to. No, I keep my gear for long spells, highly polished and tightly tweaked, so I can devote more and more time to walking in the woods, laughing and enjoying the fresh air.

It's a new day. It's all about pace. Audiogon is the only site I visit anymore--about 10-15 hits a day!-- though I might cruise the manufacturer's sites just to keep up to date. But that's it, nothing more, just a change, a different point of view. I've renewed old friendships, bought new clothes. Anymore, if I stop by the audio store, it's a weekend thing, always with the family, and only if we're in the area, like for groceries. I can't tell you how much I enjoy the crunch of Lexapro and Clonazepam in the morning.
I used to have "electrical" dreams!
About 38 years for me, and I still love the hobby. I left most of the audiophile thing, and the recordings that go with it, along with the never ending upgrades many years ago.


You now you aren't supposed to chew those right??

For me it's been an obsession for over 30 years starting with my first integrated amp... a Pioneer 60 Watt model in silver brused aluminum with two huge vu meters... WOW was I happening with that! Well, it stills goes strong today, actually far stronger as the finances are more prevelant.

How sick am I?? Well, I am on my second HD DVD player and have Blu-ray players in several rooms of my home, the wife can even compare the two formats and fortunately doesn't mind the entire back bedroom (though she will whe we get guests) being full of my 'extra' audio gear....

Yes I know I have a problem but I can't find any decent eleven step programs....
I have been a Stereo Geek from age 8 probably.

It all started looking at the JCP catalog and wanting those old MCS componets, little radios and endless sitting around the farm rocking in a chair to music. Still try to find a Hi-End shop if I am out of town, attend the big shows when I can and am active in a audio club here in Ohio. The thing that has changed for me is I am skeptical now, it is like any item, gear, tweak, or cable has to proove itself....I no longer buy the hype so maybe I dont enjoy the way I use to but I still enjoy the hobby, have a few subscriptions I read, on here too much and waiting to go to NYC with friends from here to see the show in May.
So here I am, I believe nothing but enjoy everything, the debate is half the fun. Oh yeah, I am buying as much music as I can and not really thinking about any upgrade, 'sept for a dream of my own room.
From the days when TV's were only in Black and White and ours came with a record player as well. It took over my attention much more than TV. Followed quickly by my older brothers record player in which the front side had a speaker in it, and somewhere, probably underneath there were the electronics. Seems it was an Underwood?. When the Stromberg-Carlson with multiplex and record player came I began to play around with the speakers and adding others. Its been going ever since.
sadly I range from apathy to liking it okay. maybe it's the time of year...



what a timely inquiry.

last night, I almost threw my entire system out the window. this hobby can be the ultimate in frustration.


1. after waiting almost 6 months for the return of my tubed DAC from repair, it has been not working properly, i've been trying to diagnose what is going on.

2. audio racks which are too narrow, components that are too wide.

3. cables which have locking RCA,and hard to reach when you have limited space between the wall and the rear of your gear.

4. having to remove spiked cones each time you need to acess your gear.

5. BrightStar sandboxes, sand spilling all over the floor.

6. trying to unplug and plug in huge power cables into a Power conditioner without being able to see the outlets.

7. tugging on a cable then accidently removing another RCA cable, getting a huge hum which scares the crap out of you.

8. having to re-balence the height of your adjustable audiophile audio rack

9. having to move enormous speakers and cables to get to the rear of your system.

i could go on and on, but the above occured between 615pm and 745pm last night.

I think my neighbors think I am crazy for screaming in anger....

i screamed and cursed the maker of the DAC which was causing my anger. My neighbors must be asking themselves who the hell is this person is.

but yes, today I checked audiogon for more gear 6 times today so far.
It's been well over thirty years since I bought my first component. I enjoy reading about things out of interest, particularly technological and industry developments, but I don't obsess anymore about upgrades or equipment. For me, reading about most equipment is like reading about a $300,000 Ferarri or Rolls-Royce. It's neat to read about it I suppose, but I'll never own one and I really don't care or desire to own one. As time passes I find myself less interested in "things" and more interested in my music. I'm content. As the song says "Don't worry, be happy".
Been at it for 35 years or so. It got worse a few years ago until I realized I was never going to get the ultimate system. It wasn't as important as my daughters' education.
Justlisten, relax man. Your frustration is a bit frightening.
I just don't keep up with all the new stuff anymore, visiting dealerships and listening every weekend, but I think about mostly speakers all the time, what a particular model sounds like, can I find it on ebay, ect. For example, I've always wondered what those big Bozaks sound like, or what that 30" woofer in the Electrovoice Patrician can do.
I've always been addicted to music, and I've always enjoyed good gear to reproduce it. I remember buying a Yamaha receiver back when it seemed weird that Yamaha produced something other than motorcycles. It had a clock in it, and the On/Off switch was removable in the off position, like a key. Kind of bizarre, but way better sounding than the dreck of the day.

I couldn't afford super nice stuff in my earlier years, but always had good sound and lots of music. Almost forgot about it all when I had young kids, but the last 10 years have been a nice mix of revived interest and the financial means to pursue good gear. I'm no more or less interested in the gear than I've ever been - regular improvements are nice and the system sounds really great at all times, and music is playing constantly. All around, it's just a great hobby.
Like everyone, I suppose, I go in cycles. I can go years where I have a stable system and really just enjoy playing music. Sometimes I get completely away from audio and just watch movies on my projector every night for 3 or 4 months. Some equipment issue usually gets me in or out of audio again.
Several times the tubes have blown in my amps, then I hook up a SS amp and forget about tubes for years at a time. Then getting a new pair of speakers - I wonder what tubes will sound like - so I get them retubed, and am now at it like a tube maniac again.

Often just 1 tiny upgrade pulls me back in after years of never even checking audiogon. About 2 years back, I read about demo powerplant P500's going for a good price with a 30 day audition. I think - hey living in New York - I am a prime candiate for regenerted power (and have always wanted a powerplant- they just were too big before the P500)

Of course, once on PS Audio's site - waiting for the P500 to come I read about gain cell amps, and I end up with a full PS Audio system.

I read here a small ad about Cerious liquid ceramic cables. "Oh that's interesting" I think. I read their white paper - I end up with a pair of thier speakers and a full set of cables, AC cords, XLR, RCA.....

I read about a new phono stage (the tron seven) since the PS Audio doesn;t have quote enough gain for me, and go to pick one up from the dealer for evaluation - I end up with a new turntable and arm. The dealer didn't even mention the table or any other gear. I don't need a salesman to upgrade me- I do it myself and I always have. As a kid I would go to buy a $40 walkman just to play some music, and end up coming home with a $200 Aiwa recording model.

I am currently so happy with my old tube amps - that I now have to have their latest version at 4x the cost.

But after this big round of upgrades, I am sure things will settle down, (as long as there is good system interraction) My only upgrade I am looking for after this will be a Stage rack from systrum.

I know things will settle down because to get the next level of quality after this upgrade will be so much money that I simply can't afford it (or have space)

So that's a good thing.

#7 should NEVER happen.... Always unplug or at least power down all gear before doing any system changes. It will save you tweeters, fuses and countless other items in your system and takes only a few extra second to do!
Sometimes I love this hobby, sometimes it is a chore. The last three months have been a chore. Too many problems to even start writing a list like Justlisten did. I feel your pain Justlisten.

Better days are ahead I hope. Next time I get my system sounding pretty good, I'm not changing a *#@^ing thing!

John :)
hi justlisten:

what tube dac is giving you a headache ?
I heard that before! Said it too!
Used to love it; now I merely like it. The hobby can wear you out and lead you down some false alleys if you're not careful, and it did that to me. I still value great audio, but I'm not nearly as obsessive about it as I used to be. I've got MUCH bigger fish to fry.
Well the "... regardless of how much you spent..." seems a bit naive to me, but I still find that equipment gets in the way of the music for the vast majority of 'philes.
Been involved with hi-fi one way or another for 25 years but it comes in waves - hadn't changed any components for about 5 years and then a relocation to Hong Kong forced a rethink - what components do I take, what do I store back in Oz - Can't bring myself to sell stuff as I'd rather keep it for a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) system.

Now I'm in Hong Kong which is a dream for the hi-fi lover. Great equipment, great prices. Back up to 3 systems in just a year. I love it, but when I go back to Oz, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and sell some gear!
Sometimes love it, sometimes hate it, most times like it!

Like many of the above, I drift in and out of involvement with audio.

Interestingly, as my financial ability increases, my desire to spend the money on audio decreases! Over the last few years I've been decreasing the amount of money I have tied up in my equipment. AudiogoN is a great facilitator of buy/try/resell. Because I'm patient and deligent, I typically "buy right" and resell for little or no loss. Also, apparently I choose wisely as most of the equipment I bought maintained its resell value and I've never taken a significant hit.

Currently I have the lease expensive system I've ever owned and it is very satsfying. (note: not the system listed in my virtual system. I have not yet posted my current system).

One thing for sure, today there is more information, mis-information and choices available than every before. It's an information society and a world market. It's amazing how good of a system can be purchased for a very small price. Of course, it's also easy enough to purchase a horrible system and pay a lot of money for it!

I think it's the "new golden age" of audio equipment, unfortunately, it's the "new dark ages" for recorded music (IMHO of course)!



I have now gone back on my meds and slept well last night.

the amp thing, I of course would never unplug cables w/o powering down, what happened is I just bought an Adcom 555 modified by Musical Concepts on Saturday to power a Sub system, had no idea that the "off" switch, means "standby" on this amp.

the tubed Dac is ..well, since I need to send it back to the designer again, you better PM me and I will let you know no particular order,
home renovations
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dental work
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big trip to Cdn. rockies
overdue goodies for my wife
stagnant salary
...a Tivoli system may be in my future