Regarding Magnepan MMG speakers

I have a Roksan Caspian Integrated Amp and would like to use it with a pair of Magnepan MMG speakers. The room size is 17' x 12'. The speakers can only be set-up on one of the 17' walls and each speaker will be about 3 1/2' away from each side wall. My wife will only allow 1 1/2' to 2' maximum distance behind each speaker to the back wall. Will this be enough for the MMG's? The Roksan Caspian Integrated amp is rated at 70 watts RMS into 8 ohms and 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms. A damping factor of 140 (8 ohms). Current output is 50 amps Peak to Peak and uses a 350VA Toroidal Transformer. Will there be any issues or concerns using the Roksan amp with the MMG's? Any opinions, advice or suggestions from maggie owners is appreciated.
The speakers will need to be further out from the walls.Can you pull them out when listening and push up against the wall when "static" ??
The integrated should be enough power.Adding a sub?
The MMG really needs to be 3-4'from the wall behind for good performance. An option could be to move the speakers out for critical listening and place them closer to the wall when not in use or for background music. A subwoofer will be necessary for home theater, but probably not for most music. Good luck!
2 feet behind might be ok. Toe them in a little so they are not square to the wall. You might try some diffusion, either the old fake ficus tree or maybe you already have some plants or bookcases you can try behind them. What about just moving them out a little more when your serious listening and them push them back. Kinda like the toilet seat up or down issue with women. Your amp sounds like it will be fine with the MMG's. Enjoy.
Onemug, Tpsonic and Rkeman, thanks! Will take your advice about moving them out for serious listening. Seems you all do agree that amp would be OK with MMG's. BTW, I will not be adding a subwoofer. Incidentally, for a comparison, what's your opinions on using Maggie MG12's instead of MMG's with same amp and same room? Would MG12's be too big for amp or for room? Also, how much bass is given up by using MMG's instead of MG12's?
The MG-12 doesn't go substantially lower than the MMG, but it images somewhat better and sounds just a hint more refined. If the cost differential is small, I'd probably choose the MG-12. Either way they should sound great and match with your amplifier. Good luck!