Regarding ATC SCM19 speakers...

How are you?

I think we can call ATC SCM19 speakers as an all-rounder in the price range.

How about your ideas?
Enough or not? Other better all-rounders in the similar price range?

Thank you in advance.
They do 60 Hz to 12Khz really well - especially reknown for the midrange clarity and tight precise bass (sealed box design). So if you like precision...

However, you can get a lot more bass extension/speaker for the same money - Revel Concerta F12 for example - depending on your tastes/room you could have a lot more fun with larger floorstanders for about the same money.
I like the ATC SCM 19 and agree with you on their being allrounders...Superb mid range and great bass if fed good amplification...
Great speakers! takes a long long time to settle and break in. Feed with good, powerful amplification & you are in for a treat.
Definitely one of the best stand mount speakers i've heard.
They are very good all arounders but not very forgiving.
Another very very worth substitute would be the Harbeths compact 7es3s.Not as fussy or picky on amps as the atc's. These two speakers have very different sounds but both are very good & I would have a hard time choosing between the two.
Because of the forgiving nature of the harbeths, they are more all-arounder compared to the atc.
good luck. ymmv.