RegaPlanet Original vs RegaPlanet 2000 vs Jupiter?

Hi all,

I am in the process of sourcing for a CD player at the moment. Is it worth paying 2x more on the "used" market for a Rega Planet 2000 as opposed to the Rega Original? As I understand with most consumer-grade electronics, they have built-in obsolence calculated in them. Hence, buying a 1998 CD player might not seem like a wise idea after all.

Advice highly appreciated.
BTW, I am using a cheap 1997 harman kardon $250 HD710 CD player right now...
I have never heard either, but was debating buying one of them. If I was short on cash I would go for the original, but if I could afford it, I would go for the 2000. Looks count if you ask me, although sound is the final decision. Also usability counts, and I think the 2000 does a better job than the original. My next CD player purchase will most likely be the 2000. Plus I believe you can use either as a transport and add a DAC later.
I'm not sure but think the pre 2000 model goes back a few years unchanged so the technology is older than you might find in other 1998 era players. I think the 2000 is a substantial upgrade over the older model thus the 2x price difference.
i've owned all three and they are all very solid choices in their respective price ranges. just choose which ever one fits your budget and enjoy!

while the jupiter is certainly the best of them, none are bad.
I owned the Planet 2000 and I've nothing to say but positive. You can get a used for around $600-650 and I think it's definitely one of the best, if not the best, in the market.
It's a substantial upgrade to the original. I won't bother with it unless you can get it dirt cheap or unless you've a certain budget.

Hope this helps.
The original model is probably the best deal in a CD player you can get right now. I've auditioned the 2000 about three times, and don't think it's that much better. I would advise you to buy the original now, and save your money for a substantial upgrade down the road.

The price on the used Planets seems to be around $350. I got lucky and found one for $325.

Also, the Planet has a great synergy with Rega amps.
I have both the Planet 2000 and the Jupiter 2000. I would recommend the Jupiter 2000, although both are excellent. I use the Planet in my office in a lesser system and the Jupiter in my main system with a much nice amp (the nicer amp helps bring out the nuances of the Jupiter). The Jupiter is simply sweet! Worth twice the price? Who knows... but the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts to my ears. I think the 2000 series components would be a better choice because the older units are already that much older. But let your ears decide. You could also compare the reviews of the new vs old on to get a sense of their character. The older Planet seems to be thought of as more laid back than the 2000.
If you buy an original Planet, my experience with an inexpensive mod my interest you. I owned an original Planet and obtained a very nice improvement by replacing the powercord with a 15 amp IEC to allow aftermarket powercords...a lot of improvement for a little money!
I was wondering all those three cd player play CDR?
The original planet does!
Any CD player over 5 years old which has been well used may well be on its last legs. I'd only get an old CD player if it was really really cheap. Nothing against Rega ... just CD players have too much mechanics to be a safe used buy.

Another great thing about the rega cd players is the top loading feature. There is no motorized drawer to break. I belive the only moving part is the motor that spins the cd. The same is true With Naim Audio CD players.