Rega white belts

I am about ready to replace the belts on my Rega P7 and was curious if anyone has experience using the new Rega white belts?
Yes I bought one and can hear no difference.
The belt may be slightly better grade rubber, but it is no more round or better in any way i can find.
I am an idiot though for buying it anyway, so my experience may not be accurate.
I have a new Rega P5 with the PS.
I purchased one for my P5 and felt there was an definite improvement in the bass. Not dramatic but, there none the less. Oval I would say a #5 on a scale of 1 to 10 for an upgrade.
You are all joking right? A TT belt enhancing rega's sound. Gimme a break. No better yet. Send in the clowns....
Elizabeth, what cartridge are you using with the P5?
I have a Benz Glider medium output on the P5
Just put on a new "white" belt 3 days ago on my P5 to replace a 3-year old belt. The entire rig sounds very noticeably better after running in a couple of hours: sound image is more solid overall, detail retrieval is better, musicality has been stunning! It may be that my old belt was tired, but I'd suggest trying the off-white belt as it's done wonders for me.
I installed a Rega white belt (now known as the Rega Drive Belt Upgrade) six months ago which I purchased online from Music Direct.

I use a Rega 25 powered by an VPI SDS; Benz Glider; played through a Rotel Amp and Pre Amp combo. Speakers are B&W 805 Matrix.

The Upgrade Belt absolutely and dramatically improved the quality of sound from my turntable: the overall music sounds more relaxed and organic; the noise floor has dropped away to a level where each instrument and voice delivers the nth degree of clarity and expressiveness (I sense there is more in the groove being revealed -- "hey there's more expressiveness in John Lennon's voice".) For the first time in my system the bass lines in the tracks are really distinct and clear and tuneful and deep--I can really follow the bass players playing. There is also better depth and breadth of the soundstage. Finally, there is a solidity (and drive) within the soundstage that makes me think the turntable sounds like what I assume a good classic direct-drive turntable (like the early Thorens) sounds like. All in all, this has been the best bang for the buck upgrade I have ever made.

You really can't go wrong purchasing Rega's $60 belt; if you need a replacement belt (which at the time I didn't) you will pay about $40 dollars anyway; so why worry about an extra $20 that in my experience rivaled the value-added of my VPI SDS.
I found the white belt on sale and bought just to have as a spare for my P3/24

I wasn't expecting any improvement in sound quality and there wasn't, possibly because I have a Groovetracer sub platter. Maybe the belt makes a difference with the stock subpaltter?
I have changed the stock belt in a rega p3 tt with a white one. The improvement is noticeable: the detail is better, the sound is more focused .
I use a London Decca super gold cartridge with a Michell Tecnoarm tonearm rewired Origin Live with a 5 pin din connector and a Nordost Heimdall cable.
Recently i upgraded the tt's feet with three vibrapod cones and feet. The improvement is HUGE!!!
Hi all!!
Glp66 can you tell me how you upgraded the feet of your Rega with the Vibrapod cones and feet in detail? Is it just sitting on them or do you have some other arrangement? I found an improvement with white belts also.Better speed stability and thus an improved sound image.