rega white belt vs black belt speed test poll

Hi everyone,

Recently I posted some results for my RP6 using the Dr. Feickert Speed Tests iPhone app here. I found my black belt to be closer to the desired tracking speed with the following:

white belt overall freq: 1001.8 Hz

filtered deviation:
-0.02% / +0.08%
-0.2 Hz / +0.8 Hz

black belt overall freq: 1000.6 Hz

filtered deviation:
-0.02% / +0.03%
-0.2 Hz / +0.3 Hz

Many people rave about the white belt upgrade. I have seen some posts stating the same problems that I've experienced with my testing. After listening to both belts, I think the white belt sounds more CD like where the black belt sounds more laid back and vinyl like.

This makes me wonder though. Did I and some others get a bad white belt or is this the true characteristic of the white belt?

For those of you that have a Rega table with both the factory white and black belts plus a record with a test tone that is recognized by the iphone test app, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting some tests using the iphone app with both belts.

Much appreciated. :)
Was a record on TT while you measured?
Yes, that is the only way this test works. You need a record with a 1000 Hz or 3150 Hz test tone playing with the iPhone test app running.
I used to have an RP3 and tried both belts. I didn't conduct any tests other than listening, and my ears couldn't tell the difference .
What issues are you referring to? Both belts appear to be quite accomplished in terms of speed accuracy and W&F. I imagine that the determinant of sound quality is the specta of noise that is passed from the motor to the sub platter via the belt, not speed stability, that will be the determining factor in perceived sound quality.

Just because you can measure something doesn't mean that you can then draw a line assigning sonic causality to that measurement.
I have a RP-6. Bought a white belt and seriously I can't tell any difference between it or the supplied black belt. As far as I'm concerned, I feel I wasted $59 on the white belt. My observations are based solely on listening and not by testing and measurements. About all I can say is I now have a replacement belt when the white one wears out.