rega white belt vs black belt speed test poll

Hi everyone,

Recently I posted some results for my RP6 using the Dr. Feickert Speed Tests iPhone app here. I found my black belt to be closer to the desired tracking speed with the following:

white belt overall freq: 1001.8 Hz

filtered deviation:
-0.02% / +0.08%
-0.2 Hz / +0.8 Hz

black belt overall freq: 1000.6 Hz

filtered deviation:
-0.02% / +0.03%
-0.2 Hz / +0.3 Hz

Many people rave about the white belt upgrade. I have seen some posts stating the same problems that I've experienced with my testing. After listening to both belts, I think the white belt sounds more CD like where the black belt sounds more laid back and vinyl like.

This makes me wonder though. Did I and some others get a bad white belt or is this the true characteristic of the white belt?

For those of you that have a Rega table with both the factory white and black belts plus a record with a test tone that is recognized by the iphone test app, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting some tests using the iphone app with both belts.

Much appreciated. :)
Was a record on TT while you measured?
Yes, that is the only way this test works. You need a record with a 1000 Hz or 3150 Hz test tone playing with the iPhone test app running.
I used to have an RP3 and tried both belts. I didn't conduct any tests other than listening, and my ears couldn't tell the difference .
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I have a RP-6. Bought a white belt and seriously I can't tell any difference between it or the supplied black belt. As far as I'm concerned, I feel I wasted $59 on the white belt. My observations are based solely on listening and not by testing and measurements. About all I can say is I now have a replacement belt when the white one wears out.