Rega VTA Cartridges - Help

I need some advice on a cartridge for my Rega Planar 2. I've been reading all kinds of post on audio asylum and elsewhere about VTA adjustment on Rega tonearms. My question is are the Rega cartridges the only ones that don't require VTA adjustment? Or are there others? Thanks in advance.

You should consult the dealers in your area depending on what you are buying. Most carts will require spacers, which compensate for VTA on Rega arms. For example, I had to add spacers for my Benz Glider mounted on the P600 arm. These are sold through the Rega importer, Lauermann (sp?)in Memphis.
origin-live, & others, sell a vta-adjustable base for the rega arms...
I have a Rega P-25/RB-600 and a Grado Platinum.When I set up the table upon purchase I installed 1 spacer.It set the VTA so the bottom of the Grado looked perfectly parallel to the record below it.I had it this way for several months.Just recently I removed the spacer.I was trying different things to try to reduce some upper mid brightness and VTA was on my mind.With the VTA now a bit negative the upper mid brightmess was reduced,midrange smoother and bass a bit deeper and tighter.So I say go with a Grado "woody" and forget about VTA and spacers.Those spacers are a rip off also.$20 for 1 (chrome plated) I got 2 from AA for MUCH less but I got the last 2 they had.They are plain black. AA used to be the Rega importer.AA had spacers made by a local machine shop and included them with the tables.
In my opinion the best VTA for the Rega tonearms is the VPI/VTA. I have one in my VPI 19-MkIV/OL-RB250 and is impressive...TNT style. Not cheap but excellent quality. I don't know if the Planar 2 will have enough space at the bottom! You may also have to increase the opening at the base. The VPI/VTA will require a 2 1/4" opening. Alex