Rega vs. Moth?

Does anyone have any comments about the quality of the Rega manufactured tonearms vs.the Moth OEM RB___ tonearms?
Are the Moth tonearms (particularly the OEM RB900) of equal or better quality or are they, in your opinion, "not quite as good"?

Is there a better tonearm option that you would suggest as an upgrade for my Rega P3?
From everything I have heard, the Moth and Rega arms are identical on a model for model basis. Rega supplies OEM arms to many of the other TT makers as well.

Regarding the arm upgrade to your P3, are you considering an RB 900, as it sounds like in your post? If so, in my opinion, that arm is overkill for a P3. Considering the stock RB300 on your P3 is about a $350 retail arm, that leaves you with about a $300 TT. The RB900 is a $900 retail arm. Do you think it makes sense to put a $900 arm on a $300 TT? The RB300 is a very good arm, and the RB900 is really only an enhanced RB300. Most people would be more likely to spend the $900 on a better TT, and transfer the RB300 over to it. I might suggest a nice used Linn Sondek LP12 or a used Sota Sapphire, which would fit nicely under that price, and sound way better than the P3. They will both take the RB300 transferred onto them very well. That would give you alot more sound improvement for your money.

However, If you really want the RB900, you will have a very nice arm on your P3.
the best way is to keep the arm as-is for now i.e. rb300 put $900 into better turntable and than think about upgrading arm. incognito mods truly did the majic with my rb300 previousely standing at rega p3.

i do not know if linn or sota will offer you a vta adjustement for your arm, but if you go for basis 1400 you can order vta adjustement for your arm. using rega spacers is a big pain.

there is also a possibility to get a discontinued used Michell Micro. Michell engineering also offers vta adjustement and armboards for any arm for a misurable prices.
Thanks tremendously for your input. A day never goes by that I don't learn things on this site. Even though I'm new at this I'm never embarressed to ask for input on this site because people here have good comments and are helpful - never condescending

I will be staying with the RB300 (maybe better wiring). I'm going to contemplate weather or not I up grade turntables. I like this turntable and I've heard good things about the motor upgrade (although the guys at Rega say "leave it as it is" - maybe they are right, maybe not)

Again thanks