REGA Turntable Planar 2: Glass Platter question

I would like your opinion :
Would you  put a record on the glass platter with NO matt ?
Sure. Why not? How else are you going to know which way you like better?
That glass platter really rings.  I tried it back in the 90’s when I had a Planer 3.  Sounded terrible without the mat.  Never liked the turntable, found the sound quite lightweight.  I kept the Rega arm, sold the table and bought a VPI HWII and had the Rega arm mounted on it.  Used that combo for 7 or 8 years. 
I used a suede mat with the Rega glass platter sounded better then the felt that came with it and no static
A friend has a P3 with a Herbie's Audio Way Excellent II Turntable Mat. It is a distinct improvement over the felt mat. This is going the opposite direction from using no mat.
I would suggest to use a mat, lightweight plus ringing is not a good combination.
The other issue is that lp would not have uniform contact on the platter.