Rega Turntable

There is a new one supposedly very good but WAY expensive!
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Rega introduced the Naiad 4 years ago. I wanted one when I read about it.

The roadblock was the $30k. The P10 seems like a compromise!

The review just came out in Critic. They are as fast as I am these days. They also had a review of a new Wilson, 30K pounds. I think I have a good system but didn't spend that much unless you count the LPs and CDs And I have 4 pres and 4 amps etc. I don't know if I am bragging or complaining?
stanwal-I'm wondering how Rega chose those hardware store footers? 

For $30k, it should have some nice aesthetically fitting, CNC'd brass or whatever, high tech feet. Looks like an afterthought, relative to the high,carbon plinth.

Ive never found a performance write up on this table.

It might as well cost 50000 pounds, question is who would want it ?