Rega TT-PSU & P3-24?

What sound improvements can be expected with the TT-PSU upgrade?
I have a P3-24 with AT440MLa cartridge, and I'm quite happy with the sound so far. Will the external power supply make a noticeable improvement in sound quality on a mid-level sound system? My system includes a a Bottlehead Seduction C4S tube preamp, Rotel RA-971 integrated amp, and a pair of home-built 2-way bookshelf speakers. The P3-24 is mounted on a Target wall shelf.
Thanks for your feedback,
better speed stability, smoother, richer, cleaner, more transparent. It is a subtle yet profound difference that i think you will hear on your system. If you have a local dealer, they should be able to give you simple demonstration of it.

Dealer disclosure.
I concur precisely with piedpiper. These are the exact improvements I noticed. I just added the TTPSU to my P3-24 and it is a definite improvement. "Subtle but profound". Now I need a better cartridge...haahaha.