Rega TT-PSU or new phono stage ?

I'm currently extremely happy with my new Rega P3-24/Exact2 combination, being driven through the built-in phono stage of my Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amplifier. The high output of the Exact 2 cartridge seems to match nicely with the 35 dB gain of the Rogue phono stage, and the whole set-up is singing some beautiful music (see my "System")

The next time I have an extra $375 laying around, what's the best "next step" .....should I buy the Rega TT-PSU external power supply or a comparably priced outboard phono stage and interconnect ? Let me hear some ideas from those of you who know what's going on.
Thanks a lot & Happy Listening.
Power supply. I don't believe that a $375 budget for phono stage and cable will get you significantly better sound than the Rogue which is pretty good. The PSU will assure speed stability and isolation from the AC which, I think, can really improve the tables already very good performance.


I agree with Wendell. When I added the Heed outboard power supply to my Rega P25, it was a very noticable improvement. Well worth the money.
I have the same deck (Ortofon 2m Black cart). I agree with these guys, the TTPSU upgrade was not a subtle upgrade. I don't think you're going to substantially better your internal preamp in the $375 range. I'm not a fan of tweaks, but I also recently installed the Groovetracer subplatter on my P3-24. The stock platter is pretty badly out of round. The Groovetracer is perfect. This had a very similar effect to the TTPSU, better all around.
Hi Adam - definitely go for the TT-PSU. However, if you just have to try another phonostage, I can highly recommend the Bellari VP129 that matches very nicely with my P5/Exact 2 combo. You can find them used here for under $200. I would say this is the only phonostage in that price range worth messing with, unless you went the DIY route, say Bottlehead or something like that. I have not heard those, but I am curious about them.
Thanks a lot seems as if the TT-PSU will be my next purchase.