Rega TT Owners - P3-P5-P7

My son is looking for a low-profile, easy to use turntable with 33.3 & 45 rpm speeds (via a switch & not belt movement). He has about 50 LPs right now in his collection.

He really likes the Rega turntables and he's thinking of getting the Rega RP3.

What sonic improvements would be gained from going to a P5 (or new RP6 replacement) or even a P7 instead of an RP3?
As you move up the Rega line, you get a better tonearm with each model up.

There are places that are closing out the P5 for $999. That's the one I would buy.
Agree with MoFi, the P5 is the sweet spot in the line.
Agiaccio . . . . . Noticed you are looking for a switch to change between speeds. You would need to also get the Rega TT PSU as well for that capability. It's a nice upgrade, but without it your son would need to change the belt position. I have the P5 and am pleased (wish I had only paid $999).

Hope that helps some

Sumbuba is absolutely correct. The TT-PSU is necessary for convenient "non-belt changing" speed changes on the Rega tables. The TT-PSU will also give you a greatly improved sound over the stock table, and is well worth the investment. Music Direct is running a sale now on the P3-24/TT-PSU combo for $995. (No connection to MusicDirect.... just a happy customer.) That's a pretty good deal. For a great cartridge with easy set-up and beautiful sound, consider the Exact 2. I've been very happy with this set-up. The Elys would be less $$, with a slight reduction in sound quality. There is a special synergy when using a Rega pick-up with a Rega arm and Rega table that is quite sublime. Of course, that's with my ears, with my system, in my room. Many "audiophile friends" have been really amazed with the musical sound of vinyl on my system, so I know it's not just me. Other cartridge possibilities, without breaking the bank, would be the Ortofon 2M Bronze or Black and the Dynavector 10x5, although any non-Rega cartridge would require shims under the arm base for proper alignment. Good Luck, and keep us posted. Happy Listening.
Easy. Get the new RP3 with the TT-PSU. When convenient, get the upgrade belt, then the Groovetracer sub-platter, then the Groovetracer platter. The final table would be better that a P5, and at your pace, not at ours.
Hi Vladimir, thanks for pointing me to Groovetracer!
P5 > modded RP3

The RB700 arm is a significantly better arm than the RB301. Go for the P5, with the PSU if you have the budget.
I looked at both the P5 and the P7; chose the P7 and have never been happier.
You didn't give a target price point and these tables span quite a range, but online retailers are ditching their P5's now in preparation for the RP6. I picked mine up with a TTPSU for $1100 (a mint condition demo unit)! The P5 is also fully compatible with the Groovetracer upgrades (take a look at my system). Adding in the upgrades still doesn't come close to the price of a P7, but if you can afford that table some notable contenders should be considered. Take a look at the Stereophile P7 review for suggestions at this price point.
Agree with most here that the P5 is the best deal. I would take it over the new P3 because of the better arm.
Buy a music hall or pro-ject table, much higher build quality than rega.