Rega TT Dust Cover Vibration

I have a P25 and recently while playing LPs loud (not ear busting, just loud enough) I discovered that the dust cover was vibrating quite a bit - enough to impact the playback. Anyone else have this issue? Short of taking the cover off, is there a way to defeat this gremlin??
This is a common problem with most attached dust covers.
I personally have never had that problem with my P5 as long as the turntable is actually level - you might check that, it could be something that simple.
I use my dust cover for just that, when I'm through I just set it back on the table.
Try Blu Tac on the 2 corners of the dust cover where it meets the base.
I used 4 small clear rubber pads (one sticked in each corner) got them at the 1$ store.
Leaving the cover on while playing records you essentially create a drum like structure, with drum like resonances. Just compare the difference sonically with the dust cover on and off. I never went back.
Good advice - thanks to all!
After almost two years of resisting, tonight I removed the hinged dustcover from my turntable. I sensed less congestion in the lower mids, and a lower noise floor.

Would this be consistent with playback with the dustcover removed, or is this wishful listening?
I don't think it is wishful thinking - it is real. Especially when enjoying a long session at a good volume level.