Rega tonearms using plastic bearings

Just came across this on Igus website as I use some igus bearings in linear applications at work.....

I have a Rega P-5 with RB700 that I rarely use as I prefer my Thorens 125 mk II & 160 considerably more.
I just thought this was interesting info on new bearings. If this is old news I apologize as it’s new to me.

Dear @dronepunk : It depends the quality and kind of plastic you can use either for TT bearing or for tonearm pivot bearings. In both cases it needs extreme tigth tolerances and accuracy levels.

Not many years ago ceramic was used for tonearm bearings even its fragility and maybe higher resonances than plastic. So we can't know for sure if plastic can help down there.

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Two companies using Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride) ball bearings in their arms are Audiomods and Helius Designs, both UK firms. Helius designer/maker Geoffrey Owen is familiar with Si3NR balls bearings, as they are used in the telescopes installed in the Space Shuttle, a project he was involved in (his other job is that of a rocker scientist ;-).
I was just surprised that work and hobby intersected.
I am a Maintenance Tech for a welding fabrication manufacturer in the O & G market.
Not often do my suppliers have anything to do with audio. Although I once got a screaming deal on 2 Jelco tonearms from a salesman;)
thanks for the replies
Plastic?  Sounds ludicrous but here's an interesting article from 2017 that confirms it:
POM and its variants make strong and long-lasting bearings.