Rega Saturn vs Meridian G08: sonic differences?

I was seriously considering either a Rega Saturn or a used Meridian G08 cd player.
This question is for those who have owned both, or compared both head-to-head:
What are the sonic differences, sonic advantages, and sonic disadvantages, of these two players when compared to one another sonically?
Which is overall sonically superior in your opinion?
Thanks for your answers.
It's hard to say because I am NOT speaking from experience in AB testing them but, I have a Rega Jupiter and it's a really good CDP but, I would imagine if you want to spend a little more money the Meridian G08 would be a far better machine. If you are being cost conscious go with the Saturn. Both have received great reviews. For some other ideas check out my thread under optitron. The Best of the Best CDPs. PS asking which is sonically superior depends on WHAT YOU LIKE, then look for those assets. This is what I did in choosing my Raysonic CDP. First define to yourself what you want. When you get into higher end equip. saying one piece is superior over the other sonically is a hard to nail down debate, where everyone is going to give you there opinion.