Rega Saturn vs Cambridge 840c

Has anyone tried them both, impressions, differencies?
Can they stand in a bigger setup at least for sometime?
have not heard the two together, but the cambridge might be one uf the best buys out there today.
I seem to recall a discussion about these on AudioAsylum perhaps a month ago. Check there... I think the reviews were mixed - both being excellent CDPs and both so much more bang for the buck than you could have found just a few years ago.
I owned the Saturn and now the Cambridge 840c.
I owned them both at the same time, and did extensive comparisons.
They are VERY CLOSE to be honest.
The Saturn has a slightly warmer, slightly more laid back sound. It also has a slightly blacker background and a slightly wider soundstage.
But, I personally prefer the 840c to be honest.
It has a touch more forward sound, and sounds alittle better on vocals. The Saturn seems to "sugar coat" voices to a certain extent. Dynamics and bass are very comparable and so is top-end extension. They both provide excellent body to instruments and both have a spacious soundstage.
Neither is harsh, bright, or sibilant by any stretch of the imagination.
The Cambridge does have true balanced XLR outputs and the Saturn does not. I also prefer the front loading of the 840c to the top loading Saturn.
You really cannot go wrong with either player.
They both require a minimum of 200 hours of break-in to sound their best.
Ask yourself this: Do I prefer a slightly warmer, richer, more laid back perspective, or do I prefer a slightly more forward, slightly cooler presentation with slightly better vocal presentation and vocal clarity?
This should answer your question on which player to get.
They are virtually in the same class, IMHO.
Hope this helps.
Daltonlanny, too bad that earlier thread here about this subject went missing... a lot of good comments were made there. Not sure what happened to it.

I have not listened to the Saturn but what I can say about the 840c (that has been said by many others) is that it is very musically engaging - great PRAT if you will - and a top end to die for. I've now got over 400 hours on it and find myself very much agreeing with TAS about this player (even tho I was quite skeptical of that review early on).

One big plus for me are the digital inputs allowing you to also use the 840c as a DAC. This made a big difference in running my Squeezebox via it's digital out into the 840c.