Rega Saturn versus Resolution Audio Opus 21?

I was just about to get the Saturn when I was informed about the Opus, and how it is built. Has anyone heard them head to head, as I will not have that opportunity?
Despite the entirely different internal build, is the sound similar after all? Or is the extra $1000 worth the very long term (for me) investment??

Thank you!
Wow. Odd you should ask this question. I'm looking at upgrading from My Arcam cd 23. The players I was looking at were the ones you mentioned here. I hope there is someone out there who has experienced both players. I'll be watching this post as well.

Hi Ng8,
You may want to talk with Steve at Great Northern Sound Company (GNSC), he is a dealer for Rega and also Resolution Audio, could give you an honest opinion between the two units.


It is my understanding, you can audition the Resolution unit at home for a small fee, maybe a option?

GNSC is also a dealer for Aeshetix, I read in your other thread you are looking into one of their preamp units.

Best of luck,
I have Steve's Statement Mod Opus 21 and it will run with some of the most respected units out there, and punches up out of it's price a plus Steve is excellent to work with...I may be moving on to a PC front end, I will miss my Opus if that happens....
I dont think these two players have similar sonic characteristics. Not opposite, but definately not similar. If you like the Saturn, its quite possible that the Opus will not be your cup of tea.

Arthur, use the digital input on your Opus as your DAC with your PC front end!
Got the opus with the GNSC mod. Thanks!
So What do you think Ng8? Did you make a good decision? Reference mods? Or regular mods?