Rega RS1 speakers compatible with Yamaha receiver?

I'm still quite new to the audio world. That said, I own a recently bought Yamaha RS 500 stereo receiver, rated at 75wpc, 0.08 thd. Am now considering purchase of Rega RS 1 speakers but wonder if they might be a poor match with my receiver, which I realize is not considered "serious" audio equipment. Nonetheless, I would very much appreciate your input - please be kind.
I would try to arrange a demo in your listening room using your equipment if possible for a least a day or two if possible. There are so many spks. to choose from. Given your receiver, I personally would go for a spk. on the "warm" side. But all our tastes are different. Nothing wrong w/your equipment. Exc. sound can be had for very little $ if you mix & match well. Be sure to use decent cabling and good stands if using a bookshelf spk. Also, you may want to consider a good surge/power conditioner. I recently bought an APC H10 for around $200 and for the $ I think it's great. I see and hear an improvement and it's protecting my equipment. Good Luck on your search. Bill.
the regas are very good speakers; the fact that they'd sound better with a more refined amp than your receiver isn't a high end shouldn't discourage you from buying 'em--it always pays to buy quality and I suspect you'll want to keep the regas long after you've upgraded your receiver.
Hi Kotta,
Thanks for your input. What's a surge power conditioner? I mean, how does it work and what is it supposed to do?
I think the match up should be fine. You can keep the Rega RS1's and then buy the Brio-R sometime if you ever want to upgrade. I wouldn't worry about a power conditioner right now. Save your money for the Brio-R. The power conditioner filters out unwanted RMF radio frequency's from the power. Some say it might give you a quieter and smoother sound. But I wouldn't invest the money in it until you upgrade the rest of your system first. Even then some like them and some don't. Me personally I tried one before and I find that it sucks the life out of the sound. Others may disagree. Good luck!