Rega RS1 and RS3 speakers

Anyone own or have auditioned the Rega RS1 and/or the RS3 speakers? What are your impressions? Did you hear them with a Rega amp? I am thinking of getting a pair to use with my Rega Brio-R. Thanks.
RS1 is an amazing speaker for the price... have not auditioned the RS3. RS1 works very well with Mira3, should work fine with Brio. RS1 really does need a sub however.
RS1 has great bass for its size. An exciting little speaker. I used the Regas for two years with a Prima Luna tube amp and an Outlaw Audio receiver. I would think that it would sound better with a Rega amp.

I had the R1's and traded-up to the RS3 and I use a Manley Stingray integrated. I really enjoyed the R1's but I wanted a bit more bass. The RS3's seem to maintain the same nice midrange and treble as the R1's but with added bass from the side-firing woofer.
Both are fun little speakers. Very high value, Great sound for the money. They match up very well with the new Brio-R.

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I juSt got a pair of RS5 yesterday. They must have about 30-40 hours of play time at low volume.
I have not spend time listening much music yet, but watched a blu-ray last night.
Very nice sounding: clear, detailed, reasonably clean low bass. They are somewhat forward and dry sounding, but not too agressively. Very dynamic. I will test the bass output sometimes tonight. I have noticed that there's not much upper bass. I do not know if they were voiced that way or if it is how they are positioned in the room.
But so far, I can tell that they detail very well, somehow takes you inside the recording. Acoustic instruments sound really nice. I have heard for the first time, or paid more attention to, details in recordings that I had not perceived before.
I drive them with a marantz pm8004. I'll come back and leave my impressions if interested, especially on the bass upper bass.