Rega RS-3

Anyone know of a speaker cable these shine with?
Regas own flat cable which you can split down the middle to get two runs, if you're not biwiring.Sorry, I can't remember what its called though, you'd have to google to find out. The RS 1 which I used to pair to a Creek 5350 produced exceptional resolution & finesse....that's coming from someone who also owns Lowther dx4 Medallions single ended with parallel 2a3 tubes,which it matched for detail.Anyway,just my 2 bob's, good luck in your endeavors!
Respond myself, I have most of the usual low-mid price subjects-seemed to like ZU Mission da best.
Final answer,

DNM Reson is 'da BOMB with need to ever upgrade.
Cheap too!
thanks for the heads up. did you try the rega fsc quattro? if you did, i'm just curious how it compared to the dnm reson. if not, no worries. enjoy!
No,I did not but had a buddy who switched to Chord Odyssey
from them and said the Chord was better.
I have the Chord too and the DNM is way better.
I doubt there is any speaker that doesn't sound good with DNM.
thanks for the follow up! i'd always heard great things about dnm. there's a local dealer nearby. i'll look into it.
The DNM Reson used to be a giant killer. Similarly I've heard good things about it especially on its neutrality. Good to hear the DNM has worked out in your system.
king david used to be a giant killer.
As far as I can tell it has NO weakness which is unreal for %150.
Schubert would you mind telling me what amp you are using with your RS3s?
Sometimes I use 8 watt Eastern Electic MiniMax,sometimes a Sony ES Reciver(for FM) and usually a modded Dynaco PAS 3
with a Van Alstine 260 EX .
you're a man for all seasons! :)
Were it only so !