Rega RP8 and alternatives in $3000-4000 range


I'm thinking of replacing my RP3 with an RP8. Are there any obvious alternatives in the $3000-4000 price range? I've been looking at a VPI Classic 1 (but it's not available in stores in my city so I can't try it).

I'd be particularly interested in hearing from people who have long-time experience with the RP8. Is it a keeper or have you decided to upgrade to an RP10 or something else?
Check out the new EAT C-sharp- a lot of deck for 4K!
Check the Black Friday VPI Classic 4 special at SoundStageDirect. A killer buy if you can bump your $$ up a bit.

I'm curious to hear if anyone has had the rp8 for a longer period of time

If you decided to let it go, what where the reasons?
I had a RP8 for 3 years. I sold it, because I also had a restored vintage Thorens in the same cabinet, and I could play them off against each other using the same or other cartridges, and I preferred the much less expensive Thorens. Of course this is very subjective, and many would have different opinions.
Thanks for sharing your experience, Boofer. It's most valuable
Just check out a few other manufacturers & take your time...
Rega RP8 is a no brainer, to put it simply.
If you want to look at something thats seriously more interesting, check out the Jean Nantais Lenco or Garrard 401 rebuilds. They are as quite as the Rega and way more dynamic and fun:
Thanks for your advice, everyone.
Yes, best to take time and try out
And yes, I have a feeling that the rp8 is great value for the money. The fact that alternatives such as vpi classic signature on black Friday sale cost 5k says something. That's 2k more and that's a lot for me
Try a Well Tempered Lab Amadeus Mk.II. Easily beat any Rega I ever owned. IMHO.
+ 1 on Mr_m's advice. Or the Amadeus GTA would keep you under 4K. My GTA was less than 4K. The EAT certainly looks sharp.... Would like to hear it.
VPI Prime. Buy it and don't look back. Second choice is a VPI Classic.

IMO, I haven't heard any serious tables in the same price ranges as the various Rega tables that doesn't better the Regas. Just my opinion. YMMV.
I compared my old Rega P3 to the Amadeus MKII at my dealer's and I thought the Amadeus sounded much better (it should considering prices). Same cart, system, etc.
But there was also a Rega RP10 and I listened to that in the same system. Different cart on the RP10 but much more expensive than my cart, and I still thought the Amadeus sounded better.

I'd look at Amadeus and VPI Prime in that price range for sure. The Prime looks like a very nice table, and it's more user friendly than the Amadeus. Costs a little more, though.
Thanks, the Well Tempered GTA looks amazing. There are just a few issues for me so I understand what people mean when they say it’s not a turntable for everyone. The vpi signature looks like the perfect turntable but it’s beyond my budget at the moment
The VPI Prime is right in your budget.  I have not compared it to the Classig Sig, but a lot of people really like it.
Don't pay the extra $$$ for a Well Tempered just buy an Opera(Consonance) deck since Opera manufactures the Amadeus.