Rega RP40 Anniversary Edition turntable

Forty years of Rega - is this special enough?
sorry nothing special.
It is special to folks who LIKE Rega.
For those who do not... then it is just another stupid Rega TT.

I LIKE my rega P5.
Looks Mega-Kool to moi, I just might cough up for that slick baby,red belt is the finishing touch !
I keep my rega P5 still seems to have tons of loyal fans.
But this one look good for a collector or want to have all new that comes out....
Not me.
I'll keep my VPI Scout, thank you.
I'll keep my Technics, thanks.
I'll keep my P3 thanks.
But it sure does look nice
It will retail at a 50% premium over the standard RP3, which is a decent turntable. But seems to me that Rega is trying to squeeze the legendary Planar 3 tradition for all it's worth.