Rega RP3 or Mofi Studio Deck ?

Has anyone heard both of these and have opinions of a comparison between the two ?
Never heard the MoFi deck and not sure if the Rega RP3 is the same as the Planer 3 which is what I had.  I owned it for less than a year and quickly moved on to VPI.  I felt the sound to be quite liteweight.

Brother in law w Ultradeck w Ortofon Bronze and friend w Rega 3 with Dynavector 10x-5........ both punch far above weight...

what cartridge you planning to run ?


I demoed the Ultra deck with the MM cart, in my system. Nice table for the price point.

The only Rega experience I've had is years ago, I had a P5. Rega has updated their line since then, so can't comment  directly to your question.

The Mofi however, is well built and made in the USA. The MM option is average, but may fit the bill for someone who isn't too demanding of their record playback requirements. In you go that route, it's a plug and play deck. A decent MC instead,would be a game changer IMO. 

Are you using the best phonostage you can afford? You will get more out of the table you decide to buy.
I will use the studio tracker to break in the turntable and get used to the sound. Then later upgrade the cartridge after more people own and try different cartridges and post comments. I am using a CAT SL1 with built in phono stage.
The Ortofon Bronze sounds good as I will probably buy the Studio deck because of the build quality. It seems to have better isolation.
I finally decided and purchased a Mofi Ultra Deck +M and use it on my Standesign Rack with an Auralax turntable isolation platform underneath it. I use all Cardas cables in my system ( except for power cords ) and wanted the Cardas wiring in the turntable. Very, very Happy. This table has very good isolation, but my floor is wood with beams underneath and there were footfall problems. The Auralax solved that problem. If you tap on the turntable nothing comes out of the speakers even without the platform underneath. Also, this table is dead quiet. When I hear an occasional tick or pop its almost shocking because it is so quiet. 

One day you'll feel a need for more transparency/musicality. At that time you'll need to throw the Auralex platform to the side and really address the issues of draining/isolating your TT.

Have fun in the mean time brother.
Rega's "no VTA" thing has always bugged me, and shims just seem tawdry. I've been considering replacing my vintage el-cheapo Linn Basik/Akito table but it sounds so good I can't seem to let it doesn't do anything wrong but...hmm...however, the Pro-ject "classic" is on my short list along with Music Hall's MMF 7.3, 9.3, and the Clearaudio Basik is simple and works...and the Akito is said to be sort of a great arm (I think they still make a version of that thing).
Can't go wrong with a Linn. I had a cheap project Debut 3 as my entry back into vinyl. It was one of the newer ones and you could change interconnects. Great for the price but moving up to the Mofi was a drastic difference. The Classic was another table I was interested in but I went for the Mofi. Project and Rega make good stuff. I also checked out Clearaudio, but you need really good isolation as you do with some  Rega tables. My Debut 3 worked perfectly sitting on my rack but I had to add the Auralax platform because of footfall problems with the Mofi. Good luck.
I don't hear any difference in sound using the Auralax with the Mofi. It sound the same as it did without the platform. I first tried some inexpensive isolation blocks, they helped a little with the footfall problem, but I noticed a slight loss of transparency. I have it sitting on a Standesign rack with spikes on the bottom, and the top shelf is spiked too, for a turntable. Yes, I'm enjoying it. Slaw, if you have any advice about better isolation, let me know, but for now it's ok.
The Rega Planar 3—the current model—lists for about $1000. The  power supply is optional and lists for $395, totaling $1395.  The next model up, the Planar 6, lists for $1595 and includes a power supply which is better than the Planar 3’s optional one. It also has many other improvements over the Planar 3.  To me, the only reason they get the Planar 3 is if you don’t want the power supply and need to save money.  If you want a power supply, it’s well worth spending $200 more for the superior Planar 6.