Rega RP10 tt and RB2000 tonearm - coming in 2014

Thought Rega watchers would want to know:
I will be interesting to hear one in person. I have been very impressed with the RP8. It looks to be about the same plinth with a few exceptions to the overall shape. I am sure the RB2000 will be a major contributor to the added cost as will the bearings and motor. Eitherway I am anxious to hear one. Thanks for sharing the link with us.
+1 to what Theo said.
You're welcome... am waiting for Rega to release complete details of both units
I currently have a P9 with Lyra Delos and I am anxiously awaitng this release. I am even considering a RP8 but I know I would eventually upgrade to the RP10. As much as I love the new plinth design I absolutely would require the dustcover.