Rega Rp1 tonearm upgrade

Im getting a nee RB250 to replace my Rp1 tonearm. I wanted to know if its easy to install it or if there is any specific way to calibrate it in terms of tracking force.

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I had an RP1 when it was introduced. Got one after a 25 year break. When a cart tag broke,the Rega distributor replaced the arm with a 250 which was a nice upgrade. It still had the cheap plastic end stub for the weight, but the arm assembly is of better quality compared to the stockarm.1piece compared to the bonded head shell of the RP1. Regarding tracking force- time to get a scale. I can't remember exactly, but I think you simply pushed the weight back /forward to adjust ?
Take your time with the swap, it's not complicated and pretty straight forward. Careful with the 3 screw holes as the plinth is low quality(price relative) which can get ruined. Or, if you want to get your tweak on, you can drill out the holes and replace the wood screws with nut/bolt for a real secure connection to the plinth.The RP1 is a fun table for the money.

Careful with the 3 screw holes as the plinth is low quality(price relative) which can get ruined.
Having THAT in mind, I'd think of replacing a deck. There are much better valued decks with great quality plinth. Sony PS-X7 wakes up my mind. Even stock model can humiliate RP1 for lower price paid. Upgrade to SME3009 or favorable RB250 or RB300 arm and you get champion setup.
Why people are so crazy about that glass-particle disposable decks? I'd probably recreate that plinth using acrylic instead.
The RP1 uses the RB101 arm that has the 3-point mount.

The RB250 arm uses the main post with a nut on the bottom of the table. You will not need to use the 3 holes that the RB101 uses. You can plug them or just leave them, but they will be visible with the RB250 arm installed.

VTF is done the same way on both arms.