Rega RP1 repair - worth it?

I have a Rega RP1 that’s a few years old. The left channel went crackly and died altogether. I thought it was from cable strain at the RCA connector because when I fiddled with it the signal would come in and out. So I bought some replacement RCAs and silver solder and repaired it myself but no luck - the left channel is still out. 

Now that I’ve cut the original RCA plug off (granted, they were nothing special) I wonder if it is possible to replace the entire audio out cable? Has anyone done this on a Rega? It seems like you’d have to take it apart to access the cable terminus. Is this a repair worth doing for a sub-$1000 table?
I'd take it to a local tech and see if they can repair it. yes its worth fixing if its not expensive to fix. example my tech charges a flat rate of one hour for fault finding-repair so yes its worth $50 to see if its worth spending more on. chances are if its an output rca its an easy fix.