Rega RP 3 vs. Pro-ject Xperience Cllassic

I am new to vinyl and am trying to decide between the Rega RP3 with a ELYS cartridge or the Pro-ject Xperience Classic with a Blue Point 2 cartridge. Unfortunately, based on where I live I cannot demo these TT side by side. I can get the Rega for $899 and the Pro-ject for $1299. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Both are good tables for the money. I am sure you'll hear from owners in both camps. I have a Pro-ject 5.1SE with the Blue Point No. 2 so of course I'll recommend the Pro-ject. I especially like the 9"cc tomearm with this cartridge. The table you are considering has the same combo. Very sweet sounding MC cartridge with an extremely balanced sound. It has performed well with all types of music.

If you cannot demo side by side, bring an LP with music you are familar with to both delaers and listen to the tables through similar amplification/speakers. Ask to operate them. Get a feel for the tables as vinyl is a tactile experience. Get an idea of which one is quieter, what cueing mechanism seems smoother, etc. Good luck with your decision.
I had the Classic and a totally modded P5 and thought the Classic was better. I do not like the Rega sound or build quality at all.
If it were me, I'ld go with the Rega