Rega Remote codes?

Do any of you know whether I can use a universal remote with a Rega Mira 3 integrated? I don't have the original remote to use for training a universal, but I suspect that the Rega uses some standard set of codes that are already pre-programmed into most universals. I don't know where to look to find out whether Rega uses the same set of codes that, for example, Sony or Toshiba use. What do you think?
I have used a universal remote with my Rega Hal preamp. I don't recall where I found the code set but it was probably in the manual. The Hal uses Rega's Solar remote which I think works on all of Rega's gear, so probably the same code set all around.

You can also email Rega's distributor for the info.
Yes, the Mira uses Solar remote. Distributor wants me to buy the remote. I did a lot of Googling and eventually found a Rega Remote codes page. I plan to try "Phillips RC5" if I can, and see if it works on the integrated. I'd sure like to have a SIMPLE remote.

See dub dub dub dot rega dot co dot uk slask downloads slash regaremotedata dot pdf
my arcam remotes (dv27 and avr300) both seem to control the mira
Chances are good that the Phillips codes will work. Probably any British remote will work, at least on some functions. I can remember seeing this sort of thing in action at dealers in the past. I'd be listening to three CD players, all based on Phillips designs, and all three would respond (or try to respond) to the remote.