Rega RB808 tonearm

Just bought an almost brand new (2 weeks old) Rega RB808 tonearm from ebay for $500, including its matching variable VTA adjuster, for my Linn LP12.

Do you think it was a good deal ?  I rushed since I figured at a normal retail price of around $1000, it would be snapped up quite quickly and did not want to miss it.

I am putting an AT150MLX MM (gold plated boron cantilever) cartridge on it.  However, I am finding it difficult to find the information regarding the effective mass of this arm.  

Does anyone know ?


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It's a good deal, price wise.   Check with the dealer you are buying the AT150 from for details but I would estimate it should work okay with that arm.  

I suggest you choose a reputable dealer, there is no point in someone saying, "Yeah, its great!" just to sell a cartridge.    If it doesn't work then there are a plethora of excellent cartridges that will work with it.