Rega RB700 vs Michell Tecnoarm?

I'm considering buying one of the two, not a whole lot different in price for either one in brand new condition. Wondering what people think between the two. I've read some comparsions between the 600 and the Technoarm just not the 700. I'm not going to be changing cartridges anytime soon, I know my cart needs a 2mm spacer on the Rega series arm. One of these will replace the Basik Plus on my LP12. I want a new arm for $1k or under and I've narrowed it to these two! Please help.
I'm not trying to hijack your thread, but I'm curious why you settled on those two and eliminated the Origin Live Silver from consideration? Is it considered less optimized for a Linn? I'm considering a future purchase of a similar tonearm and am interested in other's thinking.
No strong reasons for not choosing the Origin Live. Both other arms are more readily available to me. I've just kind of settled on the two. Some people don't like Rega type arms on the Linn whatsoever! I can't afford an Ekos and feel more comfortable with one of these brand new arms versus a old Ittock.
I'd say go for the tecnoarm. It's got a better counterweight, cable, armtube, and adjustable VTA.