Rega RB300 wire/cable upgrade

As so often, I'm hoping some Audiogoners will be up on what's available in the USA by way of internal and external wiring upgrades for a Rega RB300 arm. I'm hoping to sell the Rega 3 with this arm, but once detached an internal wire and that makes it hard to sell, so I thought I'd look into a wiring upgrade to make it more saleable.

I thought Express Machining used to offer a rewire kit, but all I can find so far is outfits in England and Australia who do this. Is there no US source for such a kit?

Thanks in advance for any who respond.

Tom Patton
The Incognito is a popular rewire kit for this arm; if you do an Audiogon search I think there are a couple for sale.
Go to

They sell the kit and will install it if you want. No affiliation, but I recommend them highly. Good luck, Dave
I agree with the last fellow. Contact Michael at Brit Audio. Quality craftsmanship with very fast turnaround. Email him at [email protected] You'll find he's an Auidogoner. I know this from personal experience with my RB300.