Rega RB300 tip- ever try this & did it help? Your thoughts..

Swa this on the Origin Live Web Site. Did it work for you?On the RB300 set the tracking force dial adjustment to 3 gram and leave it alone. It is best not to use the dial to set tracking weight. Instead set the arm tracking weight using a stylus balance and moving the counterweight. The reason for this is that the tracking dial uses a spring to dynamically load the arm - however this also feeds vibration into the arm and has been found to be disadvantageous to performance although it is more convenient from an adjustment point of view. Rega set the dial to be effectively disengaged at it's 3 gram setting (this may sound strange but it's logical if you think about it for long enough). The simple test to see if this is correct is to try it! If you find however that your counterweight is not heavy enough then set the dial at 2 grams and try again - Alternatively you can superglue on steel washers
hey lolo,
try going one step further-remove the spring entirely.

I've been operating my Rega RB900 with the tracking force dial set to "3" since I got it, and it works fine. I am using the Express Machining "HeavyWeight" counterweight with this arm, and it provides a substantial performance improvement. (I just posted a review about this counterweight a few days ago, so check the archives if you are interested.) I've have always set tracking force on tonearms without using a built-in system -- the $20 Shure tracking force gauge is worth every cent in setting the tracking force accurately.