Rega RB300 arm & Sumiko Blackbird - good match?

It's been so long since I've thought about/looked into arm/cartridge matching (18 months??) I've forgotten the guidelines regarding compliance and arm effective mass.

I've liked the Blackbird on other setups and am considering going back to a MM cart (from my Ortofon Kontra H). So, I'll just ask: does the Blackbird mate well with the RB300?
Yes it is, I had this combo for 2 years and it was excellent. The Blackbird however is a MC not a MM.
HOMC, of course - that's what I'd meant.

Not to take away from Pops experience, but I had this match and did not like it. I replaced the BB with a Rega Exact 2 and the result was much better. I thought the BB was too harsh in the high end. The Exact 2 also presents a much fuller sound. I was using a Rega P25 TT which has no VTA so this may have been the issue. The BB has quite an angle on the cantilever.
Sounds like it could have had to do with system-matching too, perhaps (the "fuller" part).

At least I know there are no arm mass/compliance issues.
Roy Gandy (creator of the RB300) sure doesn't have anything good to say about the Blackbird, but then again, Roy thinks VTA adjustment is a waste of time and that you should just let your stylus clean your records, and then clean your stylus.

So if you disagree with Roy, that may make you ... normal.
I second the Rega ExactII with the RB300 . In my opinion it was better than the Blackbird I tried for a while and the Grado and the ClearAudio as well for MM cartridges . Nice clean highs with great vocals and very musical deep bass. Cheers
I tried a higher-end Grado on my RB300 once and it was AWFUL. Slow and mushy, rolled-off. Sold quickly. It was not an adjustment problem.

I assume then that you experimented with VTA?
I would third the Rega Exact 2 recommendation - I use one on my RB700.
Perhaps you've already made a move, but I've been using the RB-300/BB combo for about three years with very good results. Great detail, deep bass and open, spacious sound. It's important to have a VTA adjuster. I also use a tubed phono stage, which I think may help balance the cartridge's strengths and weaknesses.
I am now running a Blackbird on the RB300 into my Shindo Monbrison. It's really an excellent combination.