Rega RB300 Anti-skating problem

I have a Rega RB300 tonearm and a Grado Master Reference cartridge ,
currently the VTF is 1.6 grams and the anti-skating is set to zero .
When using Cardas records that have blank tracks the tone arm wants to move to the outer edge of the track .
This is with the anti-skating is set to zero ! if I set it to anything above it moves outward even faster .
The only way I can have the cartridge not move on the blank tracks is to set the VTF to at least 2 grams .
Checked tt ( Merrill Heirloom ) level , Checked plater level ,
the only thing I can think of is the anti-skate magnet is not working as intended ( the tonearm was re-wired ) .
Any thoughts or suggestions ?

OK vair68. With anti skate set correctly the arm will always move to the outside on a blank disc because there is twice as much friction in the groove as there is on a blank disc. In the groove the stylus is contacting the groove at 2 points. On a blank disc only one. With a line contact stylus this discrepancy is even worse. The correct way to set anti skating is with a test disc like the Hi Fi News disc which has excellent anti skating tracks. Too much anti skate and you get distortion in the Lt channel to little and you get distortion in the right channel. You adjust it until you get no distortion in either channel. If you can get this increase the tracking force a little. There are other must have tests on the record. Do it right. get the disc!
Thank You All 

Today I checked the level of the TT, the level of the sub-chassie  ,
the springs and counter weight , re-adjusted the cartridge offset , re-aligned the cartridge , played with the weight using the Rega VTF vs. just the counter weight ( settled on 1.65 grams ) .
The arm still moves outward slowly on a blank track ,
but right now the sound is fantastic .

I wanted to contact Rega but they refer you to local distributors/dealers ,
The Sound Organization Rega's U.S. distributor e-mailed me back ,
I will call them tomorrow and let keep everybody updated .

If the cartridge is new...give it time.  If you can adjust rear of the arm higher to give more snap.  I wouldn't worry about a/s. Don't adjust a/s with a blank record....never right.  If you're happy with the sound just play records
Hi Fi News test record. It is the only way to get it right under most conditions. Yes, the table will sound fine with the anti skate incorrectly set until it comes to a difficult passage. You set the anti skate set so that your cartridge will be able to track at its best and reduce record wear to a minimum.  Do not believe the settings on any tonearm. They only get you into the ballpark. Many arms do not even give you a scale use. They expect you to use a test record. It is not about sound. It is about tracking!
I've been in contact with The Sound Organization , Rega Distributor ,
Tom and I both agree the anti-skating magnet
is not working as designe, but neither of us could hypothosize 
about it having 2 grams of anti-skate at zero setting and then going up from there , so he is going to have the service/support manager 
call me when they finish their inventory count .
I'll update agian after I talk to T S O again ,
meanwhile I thank all of you for your thoughts, suggestions and questions, they really inspired me to re-check , re-measure and re-test everything on the TT and the TA and my system sounds better than ever.

With all my checking , measuring and testing I discovered that my Shure
scale is .15 grams lower in reading than my digital scale or my digital scale is .15 grams higher ! 

I looked at the track list for the Hi Fi News test record ,
I will look at finding a used one on E-bay .