Rega RB250 Versions?

I am looking for a modded 250 for my table. Which of the RB250 versions do you guys think best:
Origin Live
Rega Incognito
Expresssimo RB250
Brit Audio RB250SE
Michell Tecno Arm (much higher priced)
Whichever version uses a continuous run of wire from the cartridge clips to the RCA termination. Audio Note offers a rewired RB250 called the ARM1. The ARM2 is a rb300 with pure silver wire. The Audio Note versions are wired at Rega with wire supplied by Audio Note is my information. Many of the others are stock Rega arms that have been taken apart, the stock stuff removed, and upgraded wiring installed.

I think the Brit Audio uses the Incognito which is a continuous run to the RCA termination ala Audio Note.

I use the Michell Technoweight with excellent results on my rb300 (audio note version). The Kerry unit is also quite popular. The Michell provides two different weights for different weights of cartridges and this is quite useful.

I prefer a rb300 (to the 250) with the VTF spring removed; the Michell Technoweight provides for static balancing and setting of VTF by rotating the counterweight. It works very nicely.
I have an Origin Live Silver 250 mk2 and think it's a very good arm. I bought it for $795, before the price hike, and think it's a solid performer for the dollar. Leagues away from stock RB250s and 300s and definitely better than a rewired OEM250 that I heard. I plan to try the HiFi mod very soon. Only real complaints are the same for any version of the 250--very limited adjustments without plenty of tweaking.

What turntable would it be going on?
Looking closely at a couple (all very compatible with Rega arm) but leaning heavily toward Gyro Se. What I end up with with depend on price and source.