Rega RB 900/Alphason for Oracle Delphi MK I

I was wondering if anyone on here has compared these two tonearms on a Oracle Delphi. I have just purchased the table and it has a Rega RB 900 with it. But I was reminiscing about a Alpason I had on a SOTA Star Saphire. I liked the SOTA with the Alphason HR 100 MCS over a Rega RB 900 I tried on it. But these things are about synergy. The Alphason worked better to my ears than the Rega on that table. But this is a whole new can of worms, synergy wise. I'm going to be using a Benz ACE on it.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks for your thought's, Randy
Thanks, Randy
The Oracle and the Alphason are a proven combination. I have not heard a RB900 on a Oracle, therefore, I cannot give you a direct comparison. Which version of the Delphi?
Brf, It's the MKI with a Mark II motor. I had seen a few with the Alphason on them. That's part of what got me thinking. Thanks for your response.