Rega RB-300 tonearm with Incognito Rewire ?????

Has anyone had the Incognito rewire on the Rega RB-300 tonearm? Who installed it, what kind of improvements ...Thanks
Another cost-effective, self-added, tweak, with powerful results, is the F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight from Gregory_Kerry, an Audiogon member. If you haven't tried this, it is greatly worth a listen, before you go to the trouble of shipping a tonearm away.
Surprisingly, one of its many benefits is increased clarity, even with the original wiring.
I added it to my RB600 ,Lauerman Imports, I don't know if they are still doing it as they are no longer the Rega importer. I had a RF hum in the system and the extra gound of the Incognito eliminated it. Also I felt that the bass tightened up a bit. Definitley worth doing. Contact Music Direct or Jerry Raskin they may be doing the install.
I have done the install on an RB250 arm myself and even though it is slightly different from doing the RB300,I can say that you should not be scared of doing the rewire yourself.I was a little daunted at first but it went o.k.The hardest part is doing the soldering to the cartridge clips which is delicate but not too hard.I used a guitar string to pull the wires through(E 6th)which is perfect for the job,with the right tension.The wire is definitely a better quality than the Rega wire,which really flakes apart in your hands, and the added earth is necessary really.Hope this helps.
You could send it to Jerry Raskin's Needledoctor for the rewire. They are the official distributor for Incognito and will give you three years warranty for the rewired arm. Lauerman imports used to do it as well and give you the full (lifetime!?) warranty on the arm. However I just talked to the new Rega distributors and they won't do it anymore and on top void your warranty if you do it.

And I also second the recommendation for a new Counterweight. I had the Expressimo Heavyweight and that one is definitly one of the biggest improvement on the Rega arm that I have noticed.

Good luck.
on the counterweight I used the J.A.Michell on my RB600 and what a difference. The counterweight is a completely different design than the others I have seen. It truely does place all the weight below the center line of the arm.
Tremendous improvemnet.