Rega RB 300 mess, help please


After getting an upgrade counterweight for my RB 300 I decided to buy a digital tracking force gauge. Then I thought it would be clever to do the old trick of setting the tracking force to 3 on the VTF dial to effectively disable the spring inside and adjust the VTF with the counterweight.

Then I thought: "this spring could use some damping to make extra-sure all vibrations are absorbed", and I proceeded to take off the little faceplate. There is another screw behind, to which the VTF spring is attached. I (stupidly) changed its position and now, no matter what I do, I cannot for the life of me put it back to where it was, and the consequence is that the needle does not go on the record and the arm is either too tight or wants to go back to the armrest without touching the record when I try to cue it. (with bias set to off.

Is there a procedure to adjust the screws so that I can return the arm to proper operating condition? I tried looking in archives, the other forums etc but cannot find the answer to this. Your help much appreciated, thanks!
Perhaps Rega can answer your questions.
Hi, I suggest that you get in touch with Mark at Origin Live. You can do a search on the net. Good luck.
The answer is never, ever mess with a tonearm.. no matter what. My experience is you need hands the size of an elf and the dexterity of at least six monkeys.
Good luck, but I learned a long time ago to not mess with tonearms.. Wires, dohickies, whatever.
Yes, experts can and do work on them. EXPERTS...
So folks get lucky and mess with one successfully.. But a lot do not.
So for all you tinkers out there.. learn from this dudes folly!! never, ever mess with the tonearm.
I consider myself able to tackle a lot of stuff. Tonearms are one exception.
Brit Audio, (here in the States) does a great rewire on Rega arms. I bet he could help since I'm sure he's had the arm apart many times.
Brit Audio is an excellent suggestion.
You probably do not have much of a problem. That is a very good arm. Do not touch anything else until after you have received some expert advice.