Rega Rb-250

Planar 2 with Rb-250. Have a Benz Micro ACE H on the way. Cart is I need a heavy counterweight for the Rega?..I thought I remember reading the the 250 can take a cart up to 12g with the stock weight.
I handled the weight issue with fishing weights with a loop of fishing line. A strip velcro (hook) along the top of the counterweight stem, behind the main counterweight, keeps em from moving, a little experimentation and you will find the right amount of weight, then adjust the position of the main cw for your required vtf.

By the way, these are the same type of fishing weights I used for the Twl mod on my Rb 300.

Good luck Frank, Would post a pic but dont know how:(
Thanks guys...Ive talked to a few experienced Rega guys who tell me that I wont actually need the heavy weight. The RB-250 can handle 11g. The Benz (8.8g) with mounting hardware will put the weight at roughly 9.3g, thus Im told all will be good with that set up from those who have experience. We'll see when it arrives. I do have the 2 and 4mm spacers avail that will be needed, (likely the 4mm size) and Rega extended nut in case.
Just a quick F/U as the Benz is mounted on the Rb-250. I didnt need the heavyweight or the Extended Nut at all. I needed the 2mm spacer to set proper VTA for the Benz. The 4mm was way too much.
Kehut, I realize your question is answered, but wanted to say that a Michell Tecnoweight offered better tracking and a deeper bottom end over the stock counterweight in my system. It's a worthy upgrade you might want to research.