Rega RB 1000: needs rewiring?disable spring?

I was wondering if Rega RB 1000 tonearm will benefit from rewiring.Also,being the top of the line,will it benefit from disabling the spring and dialing weight manualy (as is a common practice with cheaper Regas)?
I would appreciate your insights.
Ihave a Rega P7 with a RB700 arm. I listened to another rega P7 with arm rewired with Origin Live wire - did not like the sonics, IMHO. They was bloated bass, screeching highs, flat mids. Leave the arm as is. I was told by my dealer that use the AS as designed BUT us a guage when setting the counter balance. I originally set by wt markings @ 2g then measured with gauge - it was 2.15g. I set my wt @ 2g on the markings and then slide it along the stub and weighted until I got 2g of measurement on scale.