Rega R5 & Brio3, need pricing advice


I'm hoping some of you would have the necessary knowledge of Rega speaker market to help me make an offer to buy some used one.

A coworker lent me some Rega R5 loudspeakers and a Brio3 amplifier. I love them. They're in great condition (as far as my ears can tell). He asked me to make an offer if I want to keep them... I'd like to keep them, but I have no clue whatsoever about the value of the kit. If I remember well, I think he said the speaker pair was around $1800 new. Not sure. Anyway.. that's why I'm here begging for help.


See if you can get the guy to tell you the price of the amps when new. If they are still reasonably current and in very good to mint condition then offer %50 of new retail and go from there. If they have cosmetic issues or are outdated then offer less. If almost new offer more like %70.
Your best friend here might be the Audiogon Blue Book which you can subscribe to for a fee . Inm your case you should really do that. It costs some money but should be worth it.
Rega R5 is the older version of these, you can find the newer, more popular RS 5 for 1100 hundred or so, I wouldn't give much over $ 850 for R5's . YMMV