Rega PSU 50hz to 60hz?

Recently acquired a Rega PSU for a decent price only to realize that the PSU has motor values set for 50hz, common in the UK, and of course being here in North American my P3-24 utilizes 60hz hum cycles. Both 33/45 are noticably off do to this.
Does anyone have any recommendations besides obviously getting a proper 60hz PSU to get this up and running?
Does anyone have a schematic for values on the PCB, etc.?


I'm in a simular situation. One alternative is to get an inverter from 12VDC to 220V 50Hz,

A friend gave me a Rega 3, it's a UK unit, if i use a stepup transformer it will run at a faster speed, this is mainly due to the 60Hz.

I was going to get the inverter, however i may look for a used rega motor and board first.