Rega, Pro-ject, Music Hall, NEED help

Howdy to all.

Looking at the following three tables below and want to hear thoughts from owners or those who have had experience with any of them...  pro's.......cons'.........throw it at me.....also if there is any table around the $1,000 price point, not listed in the above that you feel is worth a look please let me know.  Thanks.

Currently considering:
Pro-ject Xpression
Rega RP3
Music Hall 5.3
Another nice option! $850.00

Second on the Sota.  If you're willing to go used, you could even find a nice Sapphire in good shape with a decent arm for that kind of money.  That gets you into a reference-capable rig with a myriad of upgrade choices as time goes by.

The Rega is a good table and a fair value new, but has no suspension.  That could be an issue for you depending on where you will place the rig. Both the Music Hall and Pro-Ject are also well-regarded, but I've not heard those units so can't offer useful input.

Good luck & happy listening!
Until the new Technics 1200 is released later this year, I would go with a Stanton ST150 at $600.  Yes, I know it is a DJ table, but I have been using one happily in my main system for the last year.  You will need to swap out the cartridge (go inexpensive like a Shure 35C or ramp up to a Denon 103) and provide your own preamp, but it is quite the turntable for the money.


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Well, I had all those turntables you listed, except mine was the MusicHall  5.1.There was not much difference I liked the Rega because of the ease in installing  Rega cartridges, which I, however, do not like, all the way up to the exact.  I traded all those TTs in eventually. {I also had Rega P5 and RP6.] I actually prefer restored vintage Thorens TTs with a Jelco arm which allows easy cartridge switching due to the universal headshell. Take a look at Vinyl Nirvana's site.
P.S: I just realized your budget is about $1000; the restored Thorens price would be higher, without cartridge.  Therefore, having owned all 3 of the TTs you mentioned] I would go with the Music Hall 5.3 with installed Ortofon bronze. An easy choice, in my opinion!I  I also forgot to mention in my previous post, I owned an RP8.
Thanks to all for the replies.